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Any eligible US Citizen who is a Missouri resident & will be age 18 or older by Election Day can register to vote.


People with previous felony convictions are eligible to vote as soon as they are off papers (unless convicted of a voting-related offense).


County, state and federal elections occur every even-numbered year in August (primary) and November (general).  Local municipal elections occur every year in the spring.


The League of Women Voters publishes Voter Guides to give info about candidates and issues.  Check out or call the League office at 314-961-6869.

You can vote absentee IN PERSON or BY MAIL before Election Day if you have one of the accepted reasons.* ** Or you can vote IN PERSON on Election Day

*The special pandemic-related absentee/vote by mail options used in 2020 are no longer in effect.  Voters must have one of the standard absentee excuses to vote absentee by mail.


**Depending on the staus of the new law, there may be two weeks of no-excuse in-person absentee voting .


 (or update your  voter  registration) 

The voter registration deadline for the Nov. 2022 election is OCTOBER 12th! 

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